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Terms and Conditions for Suppliers

Terms & Conditions for the Sale of Goods and Services to T.G. Engineering Ltd.

1         The supplier will comply with all of the order conditions as specified, and must ensure all these conditions, product safety and ethical behaviour are flowed down to their sub-contractors, and also ensure T.G. Engineering Ltd customers’ requirements are adhered to when the purchase order is placed as a result of the approval held. Any changes are to be flowed down to the supplier and their suppliers.


2         All purchase orders to be acknowledged within 10 days of receipt. Any deviation from the order requirements must be agreed with T.G. Engineering Ltd within 10 days. Failure to acknowledge a purchase order within 10 days will be deemed as a contractual acceptance of the purchase order.


3         The supplier will allow right of access to T.G. Engineering Ltd, their customer representatives and any regulatory bodies.


4         Traceability must be maintained at all times.


5         Manufacturing records are to be maintained indefinitely by the supplier and if agreed by T.G. Engineering Ltd made available to T.G. Engineering Ltd’s customers. No records are to be destroyed without written the permission of T.G. Engineering Ltd’s Quality Manager.


6        The supplier will notify T.G. Engineering Ltd of non-conforming product and obtain approval for disposition of non-conforming product, any changes in product and/or process, change of suppliers, manufacturing facility and, where required, obtain T.G. Engineering Ltd’s approval.


7          All goods must be preserved and packaged to the order requirements and if not specified by order then to a good commercial standard to ensure safe transport to T.G. Engineering Ltd, either by T.G. Engineering Ltd’s transport or carriage as applicable.


8          All goods to be accompanied by a C of C when specified on the purchase order and any other documentation as requested e.g. mill certification for raw material.


9         All NRC’s to be defined at time of quotation, or if T.G. Engineering Ltd’s order is placed prior to quotation, these NRC’s must be defined prior to commencement of the order.


10          All free issue materials, drawings, documents, jigs, fixtures and tools in conjunction with the order shall:-

a.       be adequately identified, insured and protected by the supplier.

b.       must not be copied or forwarded to a third party unless required as a result of approved sub tier process

c.        any resulting scrap from material supplied by T.G. Engineering Ltd must be returned to T.G. Engineering Ltd if requested.


11         All supplier documentation relating to the purchase order must state the order number and line number when applicable.

12        Notwithstanding the above, the supplier shall comply with all applicable regulations or other legal requirements concerning the manufacture, product safety, packaging, packing and delivery of the goods.

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